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Retail businesses today are faced with increasing competition and rising consumer expectations. They are under pressure to constantly increase customer loyalty by enriching and accelerating customer interactions, while retaining and analyzing extensive data about every customer and interaction. provides a real-time communications SDK that allows retailers to easily integrate high-quality live assistance, advice, support, social meetings and other communications services directly into mobile and web retail applications to drive better “in the moment” customer experiences. helps:

  • Integrate voice and video into existing e-commerce retail platforms
  • Deliver richer real-time customer experiences
  • Reduce returns and increase repeat buyers
  • Gather more complete marketing data
  • Increase brand loyalty

Use Cases

Pre-Sales Support

Help consumers make informed decisions by answering live questions directly within mobile applications and browser shopping moments.

Boosting Margins

For customers unsure about their purchase, Agora’s seamless platform provides the opportunity for retail staff to actively provide live expert buying advice.

Decreasing Abandons

Last minute doubts deter 20% of online purchases – Agora allows retailers to address doubts in real-time to decrease cart-abandonment and increase up-selling.

Reducing Returns

Avoid misunderstandings of product descriptions, specs and pictures. Agora helps retailers educate shoppers both before and after the purchase—cutting back on returns.

Improving Marketing Analysis

Increase marketing insights, cookie information and retargeting value by keeping “phone” orders directly within mobile and web shopping applications, avoiding separate isolated calls.

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