Real-Time Interaction:
The Missing Ingredient in Online Education

Online education opens doors to many facing geographic and/or time challenges. But online learning is often a lonely experience that lacks the engagement and support provided by traditional classrooms. offers the tools required to exchange ideas while creating an effective, stable, and private learning environment. Educational organizations can leverage real-time voice and video—either one to one or group interactions—to enable more engaging, efficient, and cost-effective learning environments.


  • Increase collaboration and interaction for students in and out of the classroom
  • Nurture convenient, personal, and one-on-one connection between students and instructors
  • Create virtual classroom environments with Big Group Calls (BGCs)
  • Slash the costs associated with one-to-one and group learning
  • Seamlessly integrate the simple video SDK within any existing platform

Use Cases

Virtual Learning

The virtual classroom finally can be as interactive as the real classroom. Agora’s crystal clear voice quality allows students to hear and see their teachers and classmates as if they were in the same room.

Big Classrooms

Agora’s Big Group Calls (BGCs) recreates the classroom environment where up to 2,000 students can listen to a professor’s lecture and interact with each other in real-time. The professor can communicate with students as a whole to simulate a highly realistic and engaging classroom setting.


With Agora, students can access private tutors either from their laptops, tablets, or smartphones—anywhere, anytime. Not only does Agora provide an option to talk privately with a tutor, but many users also can utilize it at once—allowing online instructors to communicate all students simultaneously.

Study Groups

Finally, remote students can enjoy the benefits of group study and interaction. Agora’s group call feature easily facilitates the organization and conducting of virtual study groups.

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