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Enabling your app with Multi-Party Cross-Platform Video and Voice Chat

The PaaS SDK offers real-time communications for use in your app, across platforms, with a high Quality of Experience for your users.

Group Calling

Agora’s Group Calling Software Development Kit allows voice chat with up to 20,000 participants

Group Voice Chat Just Got Easy

Easily include group calling, voice chat functionality in your app with our voice chat API and SDK that supports up to 20,000 simultaneous participants without a loss in quality. Our group calling software development kit is especially useful for social and community apps in areas such as education, healthcare, gaming and customer service.

  • Support up to 20,000 participants in a single call.
  • Up to 6 active speakers, dynamically selected
  • No extra work – already built-in to voice chat API and Agora global network
  • Provides HD voice even in low-bandwidth situations.
  • Meet quality and reliability needs for mission-critical group conferencing.
  • Route around network bottlenecks that hinder voice chat quality of experience.

Group Calling Features

Large Group Calling Support – Broadcast Streaming

Our group calling voice API handles up to 20,000 simultaneous voice connections, with 6 active speakers, without latency or performance slowdowns. Speakers are selected automatically as people speak, and can be restricted to certain users using the API for broadcast apps.

HD Voice Quality

Group voice chat quality that is four times better than traditional phone calls with the unique NOVA super-wideband voice codec and up to 32KHz sampling for HD quality.

Flexible Network Access

Users can switch IP connections between 3G, 4G and Wi-‑Fi with automatic adaption to control bandwidth vs. quality according to connection type.

Device-Specific Optimization

Whether the latest model of a flagship phone or a low-cost device, our device-specific optimization ensures that all group voice chat participants will hear the conversation clearly within your app.

Full Media Stack enables Quality of Experience

Our voice calling software development kit includes all the media capabilities needed to ensure conference calls sound clear and consistent right from the start.

Advanced Internet Voice Transport

Proactive network management and more than 70 global data centers ensure that all your group conferencing participants will never suffer from Internet issues or global latency. We dynamically route voice packets around Internet bottlenecks so there is never a slowdown.

Integrate With SDK & API

The Agora SDK allows you to integrate global voice and video communications into your mobile and web applications in minutes – with ensured quality of experience across the Agora Global Network. Adding a small amount of code to any app opens up rich communications capabilities for your application users.

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