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Live Video and Voice Chat SDK Reference Manuals

The Agora live video and voice chat SDK is freely available after a simple registration on the website – just click “Get API Key” at the top of any page, or go to the Dashboard once logged in. Full SDKs for all platforms which include the Reference Manual can then be downloaded from the Dashboard page. Development is free and you get 10,000 free minutes for test use. Your API key is available on the Dashboard page.

The live video and voice chat Reference Manuals for all platforms are also available online for quick reference by developers – below is an index to all the manuals.

The SDKs provide access to the Agora Global Network which is a back-end cloud service (a Communications-PaaS or CaaS) that requires no setup or up front cost by developers. All per-minute costs (see pricing) are simple cost-effective pay-as-you-go costs once you have developed your applications.

Live video and voice chat can be complicated yet your customers increasingly expect click-to-call voice and video communications to be tightly integrated into the context and functionality of your applications. There is no need to hire RTC developers and struggle with global and mobile real-time quality challenges – just have Agora CaaS take care of all this for you. Download the SDKs today and be up and running in no time! Contact us with questions via our Community area.