Enable your app
with multi-party video call

7+ Participants at the same time
Highest Resolution: 720P

Fully Customize

Giving you control of everything from layout, UI to stream size

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Agora SDK

The Agora SDK allows you to integrate call functionality into your app or website effortlessly.

From documentation to integration, the Agora.io API is straightforward and built on simplicity.

Adding a few lines of code gives limitless communication possibilities to your users.

1 Cross-Platform
2 Web & Native

Interconnecting seamlessly between mobile web and native apps gives you flexibility on the approach you take to build your product

3 All platforms 5000+ devices

The Agora SDK supports all iOS phones & tablets, more than 5,000 Android devices, and ensured consistent real-time communications user experience. We tested on all these devices, so you don’t have to, which helps to largely shorten your product development time