Agora Interactive Broadcasting

Interact in a brand-new, innovative way
Real-time engagement

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Interactive Broadcasting

10,000 Active Speakers

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Interactive Livestreaming

7 Active Speakers
10,000 Audience,Text Messages

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World First Interactive Broadcasting Solution
Based on UDP Protocol

This is designed to meet the needs of high scale as well as low latency,

provides our users fine-grained control with greatest flexibility.

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Smart Routing

Real-time network monitoring adaptive stream size

Switch Between Host And Audience

Adjust video stream size

accordingly for quality management

Minimum Latency

200 - 600ms Average Global Latency

Recording Capability

Store the broadcasting

content at Agora CDN servers

Support CDN-based websites

Automatic transcoding and push to

HLS, RTMP for distribution

Support Third party integration

Customized Filters、Face Swap

Restrict Content Management


200 - 600ms, max 2s


Multiple ways,

Up to 7 speakers

More than 10,000 audience


Real-time monitor and

analysis, smart adjustable routes

Resilient to 30% Packet Lost
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3 - 5s, min 2s



Limited to 1 speaker

Any audience size


No monitor and analysis ability

Not working at 30% Packet Lost

Use Case

Combinng scalability and interactive capability, Agora Interactive Broadcasting is
designed for all these use cases and beyond:

Entertainment Runway Show Concert Talk show Rap Battle
Sports Live Commenting Fan engagement Gaming
eCommerce International online shopping Online auction
Education Remote team training Online Classroom Community meet-up
Others Finance Tourism Management

Agora Interactive Broadcasting supports more than one active host while broadcasting to a large audience via a virtual network
with just million second global low latency, enables and sparks so many more online user scenarios.

Interact in a brand-new, innovative way
Real-time engagement