Virtual Lenses SDK

Drive Engagement and Enhance User Experience
Easily add special effects to real-time videos and livestreams


Facial Recognition & Motion Tracking

More Than 600 Sets of Special Effects

  • Skin tone adjustment & Virtual Makeups
  • Magic Mirror effect
  • 2D and 3D facial stickers
  • 3D AR / VR effect
  • Gifting features

Design and Customize Stickers & Filters

Help developers connect with brands, capture new revenue streams and monetize with live interactive experiences

Open to All Developers

Scalable and Reliable, Low CPU occupancy and memory usage.

A welcome addition to complement Agora’s core product, an all-in-one SDK for real-time communications.

Agora Interactive Broadcast API

Adds interactive broadcasting and live streaming functionality to existing web and mobile applications.

Agora Video Call API

Adds group video conferencing calls with up to seven participants per session.

Agora Recording Service

For recording and replaying live streams and audio/video calls.

Agora Signaling SDK

For initiating and establishing audio and video calls.

Try our demo app

Vivid combines Agora’s interactive broadcasting capability and the Agora Virtual Lenses SDK.