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Episode 3:

It’s a Whole New World After All: Building Relationships in Real-Time

Featuring The Blink Date Live on 02.10.2022 | 9:00am PST

  • Taly Matiteyahu, Co-Founder & CEO, The Blink Date
  • Laura Ciccone, Co-Founder & COO, The Blink Date

As we move deeper into our second year of semi-isolation perhaps no human need is in more demand than companionship. But why do humans need these connections and how does this relate to the laws of human behavior? First, and most importantly, how are we making these unique connections while tucked away in our homes?

Taly and Laura, the co-founders of The Blink Date, a unique voice-first speed dating app that enables members to create real connections without the influence of biases based on physical traits, are here with some answers. Learn how people are connecting, staying connected, and finding love in real-time.

February is the month of love so let’s celebrate our love of humanity, as well as technology.


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