A Quick Peek into the Vast World of CPaaS – Interview with Reggie Yativ, CRO & COO of Agora.io

A Quick Peek into the Vast World of CPaaS – Interview with Reggie Yativ, CRO & COO of Agora.io

ReadItQuick — excerpt: Reggie Yativ, CRO & COO at Agora.io shares how cloud communications are shaping up and how critical CaaS is becoming for businesses. He explains why it is important to build and nurture a strong developer community, become a trusted source of information, and invest

Reshape Customer Service With Video

When you want to communicate with your customers, there’s no better medium than video: a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, according to Dr. James McQuivey of American tech and market research company Forrester Research. Companies use videos to promote their businesses, products, and

Ways to Use Interactive Broadcasting for Marketers

Interactive broadcasts have become a trend in online marketing. Businesses can create live videos to interact with customers and spread their messages quickly and effectively through social media. Interactive broadcasts are gaining successesthanks to Facebook Live. However, Periscope, Instagram, and other social media sites also have

Google Duo Missed the Video Chat Mark

Earlier this week, Google rolled out its new cross-platform video chat app Google Duo, allowing for simple face-to-face video communications. The app is positioned as an alternative to Apple’s FaceTime video chat because it runs both on iOS and Android, making it easier to call friends no matter

The Agora.io Vision by CEO Tony Zhao

Tony Zhao, the Agora.io CEO, made the following comments about the Agora.io vision in an interview with Phil Edholm published at UCStrategies.com on 27 October 2015. Phil is a well-established author and commentator on real-time communications and WebRTC and has been the chairman of TMC’s WebRTC Conference and