Agora Software Development Kit

The Agora SDK allows you to effortlessly integrate call functionality into your app or website effortlessly. From documentation to integration, the API is straightforward and built on simplicity. Adding a few lines of code gives users limitless communication possibilities to your users.

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RtcEngine rtcEngine = RtcEngine.create(mContext, appId, mEngineEventHandler.mRtcEventHandler);
rtcEngine.joinChannel(null, channel, "Extraoptional data", uid);
var client = AgoraRTC.createRtcClient();
client.init(appId, function() {
    client.join(appId, channel, undefined, successCallback, errorCallback);
}, errorCallback);
BOOL CAgoraObject::JoinChannel(LPCSTR lpChannelName, UINT nUID){
    int nRet = 0;
    nRet = m_lpAgoraEngineEx->joinChannel(NULL, lpChannelName, NULL, nUID);
    return nRet == 0 ? TRUE : FALSE;
let engine = AgoraRtcEngineKit.sharedEngineWithAppId("AppId", delegate: self)
engine.joinChannelByKey(nil, channelName: "channelName", info: nil, uid: 0, joinSuccess: nil)

Web & Native

5000+ devices

All platforms

Full Customization

Take control of everything from UI to stream size and support third-party add-ons like filter, encryption, facial recognition, emojis, and more

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Facial Recognition
Face Swap

Real-time Status Dashboard collects and visualizes all real-time data, including:

  • · Call quality
  • · User location
  • · Network performance
  • · Device type
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Stereo Audio Capability

Ambient noise reduction and echo cancellation.

Audio quality 4x better than a desk phone

Ultra HD Video Quality

Supports real-time video communications at 720P HD resolution

Optimizes experience with high-quality H.264 video encoding