IN THE NEWS: Agora and Xiaomi Score Big Hit with New Voice Powered Mobile FPS GAME


Publication: Yahoo Finance

Agora.io (www.agora.io), the leader in real-time communications solutions, has teamed up with global electronics company Xiaomi to power in-game voice chat functionality for Xiaomi Mi Combat, a mobile first-person shooter (FPS) available in select markets on Android and iOS platforms. Developed by Xishanju and published by Xiaomi, the game incorporates live voice chat to encourage collaborative team communication that enhances the player experience.

Xiaomi Mi Combat was embedded with Agora’s real-time voice solution, Agora Mobile Gaming (AMG) SDK, to increase competitiveness and interaction among players. From tactical communications to field commands to friendly banter, players use in-game voice chat to cooperate with each other in real time, creating the type of immersive experiences that gamers have become accustomed to with console and PC games.

The real-time, voice-powered chat experience was seen to dramatically improve player engagement and help Xiaomi Mi Combat become an immediate sensation with players, attracting over a million daily active users during its public beta period already.

“FPS games involving team-based combat require efficient communication and cooperation among teammates, which can hardly be achieved by typing text; that’s why we turned to Agora’s voice services,” said Jiang Changsong, the general producer of Xiaomi Mi Combat.