DIGITAL ENTERPRISE: Interview with Reggie Yativ, Chief Revenue & Operating Officer at

In this interview, Reggie Yativ, Chief Revenue & Operating Officer at, a voice and video real-time communication application, elaborates on helping brands engage with users and providing additional channels of interaction. An accomplished executive having led growth for both Fortune 500 companies and high-growth startups, Reggie brings more than 17 years of strategic commercial enterprise leadership and business management experience. Prior to Agora, Reggie was VP Sales at Redis Labs and earlier in his career, he served as Senior Director at Johnson & Johnson and CRO at Magic Software Enterprise

Tell us about your product/business and your specific role?

Agora is a global real-time communications (RTC) platform that powers voice, video, and interactive broadcasting for a wide range of applications. We serve a variety of industry verticals, including social media, online dating, mobile gaming, e-commerce, telehealth, and more.

I serve as the Chief Revenue & Operating Officer at I oversee all daily business operations and develop strategies to grow Agora’s customer base as well our technology suite. I’m in constant communication with our sales, marketing and developer teams, brainstorming new ways to serve our current customers, grow our services, and tailor our technology to new industries.

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