Introducing Agora Partner Gallery

Launching a new app with real time engagement is a tremendous feat, and we know the time, work, and determination it takes to bring the vision to life. While the Agora platform took care of the real time voice and video, we heard our customers increasingly asking for recommendations on complementary solutions and services to help them go to market faster. For example:
  • Add facial filters, avatars, or beautification effect to create fun and engaging experiences
  • Enable PSTN access so users can connect through a phone number
  • Look to hire qualified external developers to supplement their internal development team.
That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of Agora Partner Gallery, a new resource that gives our customers access to our network of Development, Technology, and Platform Partners. All partners in the Agora Partner Gallery are required to go through a verification process to ensure they are compatible with the Agora SDK. Additionally, Agora requires all partners provide a demo app or customer reference as based on the Agora SDK to demonstrate their technical expertise.

Meet Our Launch Partners

Our first official development and technology partners are listed below, and we plan to add more partners in the future to ensure our customers have access to the most comprehensive network of solutions and services available for real time engagement.

Development Partners

BeLive has unparalleled experience in building apps, app ecosystems, and complete integrated solutions for business domains such as audio calls, video calls, and VOIP apps. BeLive has created Singapore’s most popular live-streaming platform with over a million registered accounts where users can be informed, entertained, and discovered. As an official partner of Rakuten, Samsung, and many others, BeLive knows the importance of delivering first-class, uninterrupted product enjoyment to millions of customers.

BigStep Technologies is a full-service software development company specializing in developing modern Web and Mobile Applications, Enterprise Applications, and API Services, and in providing DevOps and Cloud Solutions. BigStep works with startups and enterprises to rapidly evolve ideas to products and solve business problems.

DreamTeam Mobile provides high-quality development and testing services in the mobile app domain. The DreamTeam Mobile team has knowledge and experience with business domains, including audio calls and video calls, VOIP apps, navigation and mapping apps, geolocation-based apps, translators, business (B2C) apps, messengers, ticketing systems and more.

Pepper Square is a design-driven organization with a vision to simplify every software product interface. The company’s focus is on UX & UI design and software product development.

SiliconPrime Labs is a full-service software development company that started at Stanford Lab in the heart of Silicon Valley. Since 2011 SiliconPrime has been helping startups and big enterprises build live streaming business platforms from backend and frontend to mobile apps.

Swarm is a digital studio that creates products people love to use, from mobile apps to OTT, Web, and even complex technologies like video, IoT, and machine learning/AI. Swarm’s solution combines augmented reality (AR) technologies from Google (ARCore) and Apple (ARKit coming soon) with Agora to live stream a shared augmented reality experience.

UHP Software supports businesses of all sizes in their quest for digitalization. Besides custom solutions, UHP Software also offers SaaS solutions such as the Realtime Platform, an end-to-end, interactive field service collaboration platform for equipment manufacturers and users. This innovative software enables remote experts to send precise visual instructions to field technicians using real-time augmented reality, live video, messaging and file-sharing functionalities. builds innovative solutions that enable the communication of the future. The company delivers easy-to-use, encrypted, high-quality apps for businesses that feature voice, video, and data customization.

Technology Partners

Articom is an AI-powered audio and video analytics platform. The Articom content moderation solutions for Agora help reduce workload on the moderation team by more than 80%.

Banuba builds ultra-immersive camera apps with the world’s fastest Face Augmented Reality SDK. Their FaceAR SDK combines augmented reality software like Face Filters, Beautification, Avatars, and Analytics — all based on their innovative face tracking technology that functions robustly both on iPhone-Xs and $100 Android phones.

Bunch provides a social gaming platform that makes it easier for gamers to socialize, before, during, and after games. With Bunch’s social gaming SDK, game developers can easily add social features similar to Discord to their games, and incent longer game sessions.

FaceUnity provides professional solutions for 3D digital avatars, facial AR effects, and facial beautification. FaceUnity’s current products include a 3D Animoji SDK, a 2D/3D animated facial stickers SDK, and an artificial facial beautification SDK.

TurboBridge offers a flexible, highly-reliable audio conference service that supports thousands of large and small businesses, government agencies and non-profit groups. TurboBridge has integrated with the Agora Linux Server SDK to enable PSTN access to Agora channels. Agora customers can now add PSTN access to their applications by leveraging TurboBridge’s worldwide DID network which spans 60+ countries.

Voctro Labs was founded in 2011 with the aim to become a world benchmark in the field of voice and audio technologies for creative industries. The team has gathered over 15 years of experience in creating expressive voices, which have resulted in several commercial patents, having text-to-song as our flagship application. The company’s Voiceful™ brand technologies are available as Cloud API and Mobile SDK for integration in apps, video games, VR, advertising and other media projects.

VRJAM is the world’s first real-time, streaming platform for 3D graphics for mobile devices and smartphones. It empowers brands, business owners, and content creators to create and stream ultra-high quality, real-time 3D graphics via mobile devices and smartphones. Using native streaming technology, VRJAM can stream 3D, interactive content to millions of people globally using a highly innovative, server-based data streaming solution that is, in every way, the first of its kind.

White is a cross-platform, real-time, interactive whiteboard. It can be used for tele-education, meetings, remote work cooperation, presentation, etc. The White product serves a large number of corporate users, and its products are stable, feature-rich and widely acclaimed. At the same time, it also partners with a number of well-known cloud service companies and is engaged in strategic cooperation to improve the product ecosystem of online collaboration.

Learn more about the Agora Partner Program

Check out the Agora Partner Gallery page for the full list of development, technology and platform partners for real time engagement. Want to learn how Agora and our partners can help meet your company’s needs? Talk to our team.