Infographic: Journey of a Video Packet

Video calls now are a standard feature in our lives.

As we expect to make calls and browse the internet no matter our location, we also connect with colleagues and chat with friends using one or more of the many mobile video chat options on the market today.

Videoconferencing over a mobile device is a technological marvel fraught with more challenges than we realize. We may grit our teeth when a mobile app drops our call, but we would be more forgiving if we knew the journey each video packet takes before it reaches us.

As you can see, there are many areas along the network where a mobile-to-mobile video chat can fail. From poor cellular connectivity and traffic spikes to delays from media transcoders and centralized app servers, the path to reliable mobile video chat is a perilous one.

We in create this infographic that outlines the journey video takes when every time someone uses mobile video chat. It is instructive—and shows the value that delivers with our video chat SDK and back-end global network that ensures interruption-free video transmission.

Not only can Agora’s video chat SDK make live multi-party video call implementation simple, but it also provides the important quality-of-experience assurance that marks the difference between seamless video chat and a frustrating user experience. This quality-of-experience assurance comes from the Agora Global Network spanning over 70 global data centers, smart routing technology and 24×7 quality monitoring system that makes sure every live video chat session is clear and free of latency and jitter.

For more info on how your app and website can leverage video chat SDK, visit our developer resource section.