How Live Streaming Video Can Create Real-Life Love Connections

Online dating has been around since the early days of the Internet (1995 to be exact.), but like any industry in the Digital Era, it has evolved to the meet the needs of its growing and changing audience. Now as more gaming and social discovery applications adopt live video features, more brands and companies, including online dating platforms, are embedding live video functionality into their existing applications. In many ways, live video is a match made for online dating since it’s a form of social networking.

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Last year, Zoosk introduced a live video chat into its dating app and has since expanded its live video offerings through Lively, which is described as the “HQ of dating apps.” MeetMe, a part dating and part social discovery app, has taken the live video element a step further with live broadcasting. Through “Live,” users can broadcast themselves and watch other broadcasts in real time. The feature has proven very successful, with 25 percent of MeetMe’s mobile daily active users taking advantage of the feature daily and user satisfaction seeing a significant increase.

“Think of the live band that plays at your local coffee shop and how that entertainment adds to the overall social experience. It’s dynamic and it’s happening right now. That’s what live video is,” says MeetMe co-founder and CEO Geoff Cook.

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But live video’s success is about more than just boosting user engagement or stickiness. It gives people the chance to connect with others on a deeper level.

Rather than rely on text messages, static photos, written profiles, or even pre-recorded video, users can have real-time interaction without having to actually meet in person. Live broadcasting, in particular, encourages people to showcase their true selves as making genuine connections is encouraged and even incentivized, whether it be with other broadcasters or viewers. Even if a user is not chatting with their potential love interest directly, participating in a live broadcast allows both parties to learn more about each other in a safe, open environment.

Live video also allows people to build authentic relationships even if they’re miles — or oceans — apart. Instead of relying on text chat to communicate, they can speak via voice or video chat or live broadcast any time day or night.

This was the case for broadcasters Michelle and Andy, who met on LiveMe, a popular live broadcasting app. Despite a 5,000 mile distance, they formed a friendship, and eventually a romantic connection, by watching each other’s broadcasts. After a few in-person visits, the pair got engaged. Andy credits LiveMe with giving “their relationship another level of depth.”

“You can see not just how people interact with you, but with other people, so you can see how they interact with everyone so then you don’t see just one side of the person,” Andy says.

Andy Martin + Michelle Osorio — Courtesy: elitedaily

Implementing live video into a dating, social networking, or any kind of application comes with its challenges, however. Network connectivity can vary from user to user depending on their geographic locations and devices. By taking advantage of a live voice and video platform with access to a network of globally distributed data centers, however, online dating apps and other platforms can ensure that their users have a high-quality experience, free of lag and other issues.

Live video has enormous potential in the online dating industry. As more applications and platforms take advantage of live video, voice, and broadcasting platforms, new avenues for creating friendships and long-term relationships will arise.