Bringing Interactive Broadcasting to Daily Sports Fantasy Leagues

Huge shifts in interactive broadcasting are coming as major sports leagues like the NBA and the NHL are now embracing daily fantasy leagues and online sports gambling. The shift in supporting both legislation and the industry as a whole signals a new era in how fans are able to watch games and interact with each other.

Imagine being able to tune into a big game with all your old college buddies from the comfort of your home. Buddies from New York, New Jersey, Austin, Denver, and San Francisco could all tune into the same game and interact with each other through real-time text chat and video group chat. Not only are you hanging out with your buddies in real-time, you will be able to talk smack and even place wagers against each other during the game.

Daily fantasy sports leagues like DraftKings, FanDuel and countless others service are now in a position to integrate interactive broadcasting directly into their mobile apps which will ultimately result in billions of dollars changing hands in real-time.  


For today’s sports fan, connectivity is vital. As we navigate modern technology, we are constantly called upon to direct our attention to the latest advances in real-time streaming which can be used to dramatically enhance game viewing and the interactive broadcasting experience for fans around the globe.

As interactive broadcast technology advances, so does the expectations of the fans using it, making companies who can deliver real-time low-latency connectivity, poised to succeed. Providing best-in-class high-end capabilities to fans globally while achieving higher levels of efficiency is the goal. But how can this be accomplished?  The future of interactive broadcasting includes exclusive content, live in-game coverage, interviews, and the ability to use text chat, voice and video chat while placing bets.

The Effects of Live Interaction in Broadcasting

The use of effective content is only a part of how fantasy sports league engages it’s audience. It is through the use of interactive, high-quality video engagements that fantasy league apps will drive user and brand engagement. Voice and video chat is the first step in moving apps from being places to consume to becoming places we socialize and interact with content. By ensuring fans experience seamless real-time voice and video chat, viewer base loyalty will increase as the popularity of fantasy leagues and online gambling increases.

In today’s world, fans expect to be provided with real-time information and interaction. In fact, their success depends on it. Competitive fantasy sports leagues apps understand that broadcast companies cannot just provide capabilities to their customers, rather, they must provide innovative ways to increase user engagement.

Innovation in this industry is presented as empowering your fans with the ability to connect in novel ways that they identify with. For example, consider gambling in esports; these audiences demand true personalization that allows them to tune in to their preferred device; offering them the ability to engage via text and or chat, record, enjoy multiple camera viewpoints, and all of this viewing experience comes with the expectation that the audio and video are in real-time, flawless, and delivered globally – regardless of remote location.

Wanna bet? The Growth in Online Fantasy Gambling

The more sports grows, the more online fantasy leagues grow. Today there is a palpable shift in how people are engaging with online and mobile gambling apps. With increased screen time leading to the high probability of placing online bets, the diversification of mobile gambling are on the rise. From this perspective high-quality, live interactive broadcasting solutions can drive beneficial business outcomes while increasing fan engagement.

According to esports entertainment group, “In 2016 it is estimated that $5.5 Billion was wagered on major eSports titles worldwide. It is estimated in 2020 the growth will be to around $12.9 Billion. This is over 100% growth in just four years thus clearly showing just how quickly the market is expanding”. Thus, confirming that smartphone gambling is convenient and effective with easy access. Add in standardized secure mobile payment features, and today’s gambling ecosystem is poised for rapid growth.

The Win-Win Solution

Interactive broadcasting is turning sports and fantasy sports leagues into a collaborative, social activity that allows all fans to feel involved in the game. They are disrupting the norms of social media and traditional news outlets – and it’s a good thing. Now fans get to become part of the game in creative new ways.

The future of successful interactive broadcasting belongs to those who are brave enough to dive in and embrace visionary communication technology. Brands who create interactive real-time engagement will win BIG in 2019 and beyond.