ATA 2016 Annual Telemedicine Conference: May 14 – 17, Minneapolis is excited to be attending the ATA: American Telemedicine Annual Conference and Trade Show 2016 from May 14 – 17 in Minneapolis, MN. The ATA Annual Conference brings together diverse groups from traditional medicine, academic medical centers, e-health, and government along with teams from telecommunications and technology, to advocate and promote access to medical care for consumers and health professionals via telecommunications technology.

We joined the American Telemedicine Association as a new member this year, and fully agree with ATA’s perspective: “Telemedicine is the future of healthcare – and is changing the way healthcare is delivered. In 2016, more than 1,250,000 online patient consultations will occur, more than 550,000 ICU patients will be monitored remotely and over 125,000 patients will be diagnosed via telestroke.”

We’re excited to see this industry progress and to participate by providing easy-to-integrate cloud-based voice and video technology to empower telemedicine technology platforms and mobile apps. Both patients and healthcare providers are increasingly mobile and often remote, including in other countries. So the quality of experience (QoE) in real-time global and mobile video sessions will be key to the success and growth of telemedicine applications.

As a strong supporter of telemedicine apps, we have a big team going to the Twin Cities and we look forward to talking with you there. Please email to arrange a meeting, or at the event visit, Booth 2117 to see our live mobile telemedicine app demo using Agora Video, and pick up some fun gifts!