5 Reasons Why Interactive Broadcasting Is the New Way to Retail

Imagine expanding your brand experience by providing your consumers with a whole new way to interact with your brand. With Agora’s interactive broadcasting SDK you can now deliver live interactive broadcasts directly to consumers from within your own app.

Engagement is the name of the game, and with interactive broadcasting, you can create daily, weekly, and or monthly live broadcasts of your latest product releases. Consumers love live broadcasts because they get to see new products introduce, and express their opinions all while having the opportunity to purchase new products as they roll out to market.

Live broadcasting provides retailers an authentic engagement experience, which gives retailers a whole new way to engage with customers.

The benefits?

1. Increased Monetization and Conversions. With capabilities like In-App offers, discounts for sharing with other users, gamification, flash sales and streak discounts you are able to receive vital sales information on how customers are reacting to your offers. This kind of instant feedback will not only increase your short-term conversions but also help you identify trends which can be used in additional monetization programs.


2. Increased Brand Presence. By going “live” directly from within your app, you can invite an unlimited number of customers from all over the world to view your latest releases while giving customers real-time interaction with your brand — thus increasing your brand exposure and user engagement around the globe.

3. Edge over Competition. Brands like Kohls, Dunkin Donuts, J-Crew, Walmart, Benefit Cosmetics, etc. are already taking advantage of live broadcasts by doing sneak peeks, product launches, behind the scene stories, how-to tutorials and much more. Looking for an immediate edge? Start going live today and stand out from your competition.


4. Expanded User Base. Customers are looking for new and better ways to connect with the brands. By providing regular live broadcasts from within your app, you will tap directly into your current customer base and be able to expand your user base by promoting the broadcasts across your distribution, social media, and advertising channels.

5. Increased Customer Loyalty and User Engagement. Make it possible for customers to engage in meaningful communications, experience the product live, ask questions, and make immediate purchasing decisions.

Live interactive broadcasting is becoming an important part of any e-commerce strategy. It is going to become the new standard in how retailers achieve instant engagement with their customers. Today, delivers over 9 Billion minutes per month of real-time communications and we would love to show you how we can help increase your customer engagement through interactive broadcasting.

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