Interactive Broadcasting

Create meaningful engagement experiences for your users around the world - in real-time

Engage users by embedding interactive broadcasting directly into your mobile, desktop and web applications. 

Agora enables brands around the globe to engage audiences with interactive broadcasting.

Interactive Broadcasting Built for Developers

Agora's flexible APIs enable deep integration of high quality, low latency – live interactive broadcasting experiences









With Agora APIs, you can easily add high quality, low latency video, voice and live broadcasting experiences into existing platforms and channels.

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Improve User Engagement

Interactive broadcasting creates a higher level of user engagement. Easily embed live interactive broadcasting directly into your app.

Live Video Broadcasting

Drive higher level’s of user engagement by quickly building live interactive broadcasting  directly into your app.

Live Audio Broadcasting

Drive higher level’s of user engagement by quickly building live interactive broadcasting directly into your app

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The World’s First Interactive Broadcasting Solution-Based on the UDP Protocol

Designed for both high scalability and low latency, Agora gives users the ultimate control

Smart Routing

Real-time network monitoring adaptive stream size

Switch Between Host and Audience

Any audience member can become an active speaker

Minimum Latency

200 – 600ms average global latency

Recording Capability

Record broadcasts to cloud or on-premises storage

Support CDN-Based Websites

Automatic transcoding and push to HLS, RTMP for distribution

Third Party Integration Support

Filters, transforms, moderation, and more Modify and control your media in real-time


Dev Center

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Platform Basics

The Agora Native SDK for V Voice Call consists of an SDK and a set of APIs to access Agora’s real time network to enjoy quality voice calls.

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SDK V2.2

Latest Product Release

Support Voice calls and group conferencing with 10,000+ participants and more.

IOS | Android

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Quick Start Guides

Get started with guided step by step documentation to ease your way into configuring audio into your app.

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Zero upfront cost

zero upfront cost

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