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Enabling your app with Multi-Party Cross-Platform Video and Voice Chat

The PaaS SDK offers real-time communications for use in your app, across platforms, with a high Quality of Experience for your users.

Video Chat API & SDK

Easily integrate reliable live video chat into your mobile app or website

Why a Good Video Chat API and SDK Matter

Our video chat API and SDK helps you easily include live video chat and group video calls that meet the most demanding needs for quality and reliability. Our native video chat API and SDK for mobile video chat works in even low-bandwidth situations thanks to video encoding adjustments in real-time and advanced media transport.

  • Integrate live video chat easily with our video chat API.
  • Compatible with all major platforms, like iOS, Android, and WebRTC
  • Skip the headaches that normally come when integrating live video chat functionality.
  • Offer mobile video chat even in low-bandwidth situations.
  • Meet quality and reliability needs for applications such as healthcare, education, customer service, e-commerce and human resources.
  • Route around network bottlenecks that hinder video chat quality of experience.

Video Chat API & SDK Features

Native Mobile SDK

Our mobile video chat API and SDK are native both for iOS and Android mobile devices ensuring seamless app integration with maximum performance.

Wide Platform Support

Our video chat API and SDK natively supports Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and JavaScript.

Highly Optimized Video Codec

Deliver HD video even in low-bandwidth situations with our optimized video codecs (based on H.264 and VP8) built for real-time video.

Real-time Encoding Adjustments

We continuously adjust video chat encoding variables such as frame-rate and resolution during transmission so end users don’t experience lag or poor quality of experience.

Advanced Internet Video Transport

Proactive network management and more than 70 global data centers ensure that video quality doesn’t degrade due to network bottlenecks or poor user connectivity. We dynamically route video packets around Internet bottlenecks so everything stays looking good.

Integrate With SDK & API

The Agora SDK allows you to integrate global voice and video communications into your mobile and web applications in minutes – with ensured quality of experience across the Agora Global Network. Adding a small amount of code to any app opens up rich communications capabilities for your application users.

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Reference Manual

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