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Agora SDK

The Agora SDK allows you to integrate call functionality into your app or website effortlessly. From documentation to integration, the API is straightforward and built on simplicity. Adding a few lines of code gives limitless communication possibilities to your users.

Ultra HD Video Quality

Real-time video Communication at 720P HD Resolution at maximum

Integrate with 4 lines of code

Stereo Audio Capability

Reduce ambient noise and echo cancellation

Android | Web | Windows | iOS / MacOS
RtcEngine rtcEngine = RtcEngine.create(mContext, appId, mEngineEventHandler.mRtcEventHandler);
rtcEngine.joinChannel(null, channel, "Extraoptional data", uid);
var client = AgoraRTC.createRtcClient();
client.init(appId, function() {
    client.join(appId, channel, undefined, successCallback, errorCallback);
}, errorCallback);
BOOL CAgoraObject::JoinChannel(LPCSTR lpChannelName, UINT nUID){
	int nRet = 0;
	nRet = m_lpAgoraEngineEx->joinChannel(NULL, lpChannelName, NULL, nUID);
	return nRet == 0 ? TRUE : FALSE;
let engine = AgoraRtcEngineKit.sharedEngineWithAppId("AppId", delegate: self)
engine.joinChannelByKey(nil, channelName: "channelName", info: nil, uid: 0, joinSuccess: nil)


Powerful API Primitives | 30MIN - Be up and run

Web & Native
5000+ devices
All platforms

Fully Customize

Giving you control of everything from UI to stream size. Support third-party add-ons: Filter, encryption, facial recognition, emoji, and more

Facial Recognition
Face Swap

Real-time Status collects and visualizes all real-time data for you in the central dashboard, including:

  • · Call quality
  • · End users geographic
  • · Network performance
  • · Device variability
Stereo Audio Capability

Reduce ambient noise and echo cancellation. Audio quality 4X better than landline

Ultra HD Video Quality

Support real-time video communications at 720P HD Resolution at maximum, and high-quality H.264 video encoding optimizes for experience